Studio Three Design offers nearly 30 years of consultancy and architectural drafting services in Melbourne. Our commercial and residential drafting expertise is seen across the region thanks to a comprehensive portfolio of diverse projects that deliver beautiful, clever solutions to any space. No job is too small and we treat every project with the same attention to detail and commitment to service.

Our mission is to provide our client with a beautiful and effective solution to their unique requirements and we take pride in every project we complete. Our passionate team is committed to delivering architecturally designed homes and commercial buildings that bring our customers’ visions to life – whatever that may be. We do this through a friendly and approachable business manner that puts clients first. Your face-to-face interaction with your architectural draftsman ensures that your vision is represented in the drawings.

Why we are Unique

Studio Three Design is an intimate team of professionals that are able to offer personalised architectural drafting services to a wide range of clients. Thanks to our affiliation with a large network of external consultants, we can meet the comprehensive needs of our clients from project beginning to end. This close relationship with industry professionals is a massive vote of confidence in the company as these are the people who recognise a quality building designer.

Over the years we have formed relationships with numerous structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, landscape designers, civil engineers, building surveyors, bushfire consultants, and town planners as well as traffic consultants, interior decorators, aboriginal consultants, arborists, energy rating experts, pool builders and others.

Architectural Drafting

The effective navigation of the issues these professionals deal with can make the difference between a successful project and a difficult one. Our relationship with these industry professionals allows us to provide clients with stress-free project completion.

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Offering competitively priced, client-focused services is just one reason Studio Three Design continues to find success in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. Our approach has also led to the expansion of our services to meet demand in New South Wales, Queensland and other states.

Your Vision, Your Reality

For more information on our architectural drafting services and renovation designs, get in touch with our team of experienced and qualified building designers. You’ll work closely with an architectural draftsman to see your vision come to life through an innovative architectural home design or commercial space that is suited to your lifestyle.