Studio Three Design is comprised of an intimate team of architectural draftsmen with diverse experience in residential drafting, commercial architectural drafting services and renovation designs. Our industry experience and strong relationships with external consultants allows us to provide our clients with high quality, professional architectural drafting services and comprehensive project management for any residential or commercial project. It is our aim to ensure that every client works closely with their architectural draftsman to guarantee that the design meets their unique requirements and represents their individual taste and lifestyle.

The Studio Three Design Team


Ron has an Associate Diploma of Civil Engineering with specialist courses in Revit CAD software. He started his career as a civil engineering cadet in a company that specialised in sub-divisions and property development. Ron worked in numerous localities with that company, including rural, suburban and inner city, learning skills in drafting, land surveying and architectural engineering. He honed his skills in consultation and client needs assessment so as to get the best outcome when working with different clients. This led to Ron’s success as a consultant in the architectural drafting and construction planning industry. Ron later took on an opportunity with a large industrial commercial property developer as an architectural and building design consultant. During that time he worked on massive projects which shaped South Dandenong’s industrial heart. Building on the existing experience with rural drafting, Ron moved on to coastal holiday towns in San Reno, Phillip Island and the South Gippsland community. He mainly worked on architectural home designs for beachfront properties, holiday homes, hospitality premises and restaurants.

Having gained such diverse experience as an architectural draftsman, Ron decided to establish R F Asling Building Design and Drafting in 1997, based in Officer. Over time, a strong reputation for quality architectural drafting was made, which meant that the demand had grown enough to expand the team. With new qualified architectural draftsmen being added, R F Asling became Studio Three Design & Drafting Pty Ltd in 2007. Since then, the business has continued to prosper and expand to service more and more of Melbourne, prompting an expansion into Pakenham. From Pakenham, the company services all of Melbourne, many parts of Victoria, and have expanded business into New South Wales and Queensland.

Architectural Draftsman


Matt comes to the team with an advanced diploma in Building Design and Technology. He is currently studying for a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Architecture and working towards a Masters in Architecture. Matt has completed multiple specialist courses in advanced Revit architecture and CAD software. His early interest in architecture led to a part-time role in an architectural drafting company while in school, giving him experience in survey drafting and land surveying documentation. After gaining years of experience in the industry, he joined Studio Three Design in 2006. Matt specialises in residential drafting but with a wide range of other projects in his portfolio. He enjoys focusing on architecturally designed homes and customised residences where the project involves tailoring a design for optimal functionality, design flare and liveability. He has experience designing town homes and unit developments but also likes the challenge of unique projects, such as recently converting a disused church into a two bedroom dwelling. Matt has also designed a 200sq mansion complete with a tower and an art gallery, supermarket layouts as well as multi-storey office and retail commercial building developments.


Michael has a diploma in Architectural Drafting and Building Design with over 8 years of experience in the industry. Most of his career has focused on commercial works, such as preparing drawings for large supermarkets, commercial offices and presenting internal layouts of stores using 3D technology. Michael also has much experience designing town houses, unit developments, single and double storey homes, commercial office spaces, industrial spaces, food production for primary industry, restaurants and more. He is proud to be an architectural draftsman that produces work which is artistic and improves people’s living space. He believes in challenging the standard approach, but at the same time his drawings get developed into reality without issue. Michael is proficient in the use of Autodesk Revit 3D design with rendering, AutoCAD Design for town planning and working drawing sets. He is currently expanding his talents with PhotoShop for texturing and enhancing visualization.