At Studio Three Design, our team is committed to working on your behalf to ensure that your project is ready to break ground quickly. Your consultant will work both as an architectural draftsman and project manager to oversee every detail and deliver successful working drawings to your building surveyor so construction can start without any delays. Our comprehensive architectural drafting services mean you avoid red tape hassles and your project has a better outcome.

Your architectural draftsman will liaise with town planners and other specialists required for your commercial or residential drafting or renovation design project as well as providing experienced third-party negotiations in the early stages of construction. We are also available once your drawings have been handed to the building surveyor for any other alterations to comply with building codes and Australian Standards for construction.

Our Process

In addition to providing our clients with comprehensive architectural drafting services for a new project, we also offer ongoing work for builders and construction companies as well as structural engineers and property developers.

We can do stage or phased work, which involves taking a project through to completion from any stage after the initial building is done, as well as taking a property which already has a town planning permit and working in future stages of development with working drawings.

From Consultation to Completion

We take great pride in providing comprehensive services for commercial and residential drafting and renovation designs to ensure a smooth process from consultation to completion:

Experience Our Unique Approach

From architecturally designed homes and renovation designs to commercial projects of any size, Studio Three Design is the firm that provides personalised service, one-on-one coordination with your architectural draftsman and comprehensive project management. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can see your project through from conception to completion with our unique approach.